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Baylor College of Medicine researchers set the foundation for novel rare disease treatment

For people living with arginase deficiency, a condition without an effective treatment, it is good news that a new therapy that offers dramatic improvement for patients with the condition has been approved for use in Europe and is currently following the process for approval in the U.S.

Developing new treatments for patients begins in the research lab and typically follows a long road, sometimes with surprising twists and turns. On this occasion, From the Labs learned that research conducted 10 years ago by Dr. Brendan Lee and Dr. Lindsay Burrage at Baylor College of Medicine and their collaborators had set the foundation for this new treatment that can bring significant changes in patients’ lives.

Wanting to learn more about the story behind the discovery, From the Labs met with Lee and Burrage. Their accounts revealed that scientific discoveries can sometimes happen in unexpected ways. Read more about their discoveries here.

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