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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors of The National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation must demonstrate a genuine and firm commitment to the vision and mission of NUCDF, be knowledgeable about NUCDF’s uniqueness, strengths and needs, and be ambassadors for our organization and our families. Board members must demonstrate a high level of personal and professional integrity, and are also compassionate, caring individuals, empathetic to all those affected by UCD. The majority of our board members have family members who are affected by a urea cycle disorder.

Board members commit to:  

  • Share the vision and values of NUCDF.
  • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to the mission of NUCDF.
  • Articulate a strong belief in the philosophy of the NUCDF.
  • Be an ambassador and advocate of NUCDF in actively fulfilling the mission legislatively and in the community.
  • Communicate effectively with compassion and empathy to all who are affected by UCDs.
  • Support the long-term sustainability of the NUCDF by identifying and supporting fundraising goals.
  • Be free of conflicts of interest.
  • Prepare for and regularly attend board meetings.