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National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation Announces 2024 Medical Advisory Board

The National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation (NUCDF) is pleased to announce its 2024 Medical Advisory Board. Since its founding in 1988, NUCDF has relied on a core team of medical professionals with expertise in research and the many clinical care specialties related to urea cycle disorders (UCDs). Over the years, advisory board members have made discoveries that advanced our understanding of urea cycle disorders, improved clinical care, and provided much-needed support to the patient community.

NUCDF's 2024 Medical Advisory Board members are:

  • Nicholas Ah Mew, M.D., Children’s National Hospital, Washington, D.C.
  • James A. Bartley, M.D., Loma Linda University School of Medicine
  • Susan A. Berry, M.D., Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota
  • Lindsay Burrage, M.D., Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine
  • Andrea L. Gropman, M.D., FAAP, FACMG, FANA, Children's National Hospital, Washington, D.C.
  • Brendan Lee, M.D., Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine
  • George Mazariegos, M.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • Sandesh C.S. Nagamani, M.D., FACMG, Baylor College of Medicine

In Remembrance: Legacy Board Member

Debra Geary-Hook, R.D., M.P.H., University of California, Davis

Emeritus Members

  • Mark Batshaw, M.D., Children's National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.
  • Stephen Cederbaum, M.D., University of California, Los Angeles
  • Mary Lou Oster-Granite, Ph.D., Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child & Human Development (retired)
  • Mendel Tuchman, M.D., Children's National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.

Members volunteer their time and expertise to advise the NUCDF’s leadership on the implications of new research discoveries and new medicines or treatments related to UCDs. They answer questions from the UCD community and the medical community. They review NUCDF publications and help prepare educational materials for patients and providers. They also attend meetings in their specialty areas, speak at NUCDF conferences, and participate in scientific meetings. 

Each Medical Advisory Board member must:

  • Have extensive experience in UCDs
  • Be a leader in his/her special area of medical practice
  • Have a significant research portfolio
  • Maintain a record of supporting the patient community. 

Visit our website to learn more about our Medical Advisory Board members.


The National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation (NUCDF) is the driving force behind efforts to speed diagnosis, improve treatments, and find a cure for urea cycle disorders. The nonprofit organization also serve as a lifeline to patients, families, and medical professionals worldwide seeking information, support, and hope. Contact NUCDF at

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