Partners in Progress - Hope for the Future
2010 NUCDF Annual Conference

Held July 9-11, 2010

Boston Marriott Cambridge
Two Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

The only UCD event of its kind in the world.
Hope you didn't miss this Conference!

Working together as "Partners in Progress," our NUCDF families and community of committed researchers and healthcare providers are making extraordinary advances in the understanding of UCDs and accelerating research. In the past four years, research for UCDs has increased by 400%!  400%!! Let's keep the momentum going and end the devastating effects of UCD. You can help by participating in a research project and investing your support in NUCDF's mission. INVEST IN OUR MISSION.

We hope you were able to be a part of this unique opportunity to meet other UCD families, stay informed, and learn about new advances in research, treatment and management to improve the lives of children and adults with UCD.


"First, congratulations again on a great meeting. The formal speakers were on target and the 1st breakout group in which I participated was the best ever. I will never stop supporting you all."

                       ~ Stephen Cederbaum, M.D. UCLA Medical Center

"I'd just like to let you know that I enjoyed the conference so very much and I am anticipating next year! I got to know a lot of people. I got some really good information from the conference and I shared it with my doctor. My doctor would like to know more about the HPN-100 trials and the Longitudinal Study. Best Wishes and thanks a lot!"

                       ~ Christine V.

"The conference was fantastic! Thank you again for all that you do.  We are blessed to have you in our lives...we would be no where without you and your commitment to our cause.  We are this advanced because of you and your dedication and knowledge."

                       ~   Amy M.

"What an incredible undertaking. Thanks to you, I also met some wonderful people and learned a lot about kids, courage and coping. What a privilege to be a part of it all."

                       ~ Lani Peterson, Psychologist

"Thanks so much for your hospitality on Saturday. Our last family visit to an NUCDF conference was Philadelphia [1994]. I know I speak on behalf of all of us in attendance back in 1986 or so (one doctor and 4 petrified couples in a tiny room) -- INCREDIBLE! 2010, over 200 attendees, vendor booths, protein free food provided, study groups,  drug manufacturers, and the complete representation of the medical team. Totally impressive to say the least.  Heart breaking of course to see so many families affected.  Most importantly, new hope was found and a realization that it is time to get more active as a family with NUCDF.  We will be forwarding some financial support and renewed memberships asap.  Thanks again for all your hard work, leadership, and keeping the dream alive 23 years later."

                 ~ Peter & Doreen P (One of NUCDF's Founding Families)


Lexi Warner &

Cindy Le Mons

Courtney Boutin & Isabella
Erin and Roland
Fun in Childcare
Anthony, Dr. Cederbaum & Amanda Sonntag
Making Friends



Special "Teen Scene" Workshop, UCD teens worked with psychologists through improv and storytelling to build self-esteem, self-awareness and to become empowered about their disorder.

  Workshops, including school issues, breakouts by disorder, and managing day-to-day.
AGENDA here Presentations from top researchers and clinical experts in the field of UCDs. Over 40 UCD experts from the US, Canada and abroad were in attendance, many moderating workshops.


Coming soon: Audio CD of presentations: Listen to all the presentations and the latest research and treatment information on your car stereo, computer, IPod or home CD player! 

Hope to see you in 2011!

   Our Dream is for a Cure, and we can't

rest until we find it...


M., Citrullinemia, Arizona, USA

"This weekend was a real eye-opener for me. I thought I knew a lot about OTC, but was I wrong! This conference is so valuable, not only with regard to medical research. I will never miss another one. Just being with other parents who have gone through what I have and much more was good for my soul---to talk with others who knew what I was going through....the love and support was incredible." S.R.

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